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Body wax men

A raising number of men does hair removal through waxing. The waxed bodies of models and athletes are getting a lot of followers. More and more do men wax their back, chest, legs and also a boyzilian (the men's version of the brazilian) is a highly booked treatment.

Waxen mannen ontharen borstApart from the nice feeling you get from a smooth waxed body, you will also smell less because the perspiration fluid does not have a change to dry upon any bodyhair.

Below you will find every wax treatment I have for you in my salon. Specifally there are lot of questions about the brazilian and boyzilian so I made a page about brazilian wax voorburg. Incase you want more information, or still have some questions you can always make a call or send an email. 

Elena for Beauty uses a superb wax. It is super elastic and attaches easily to short hairs for a nice and smooth result. The silky wax has nourishing components for a more comfertable treatment and gives the skin a soft and smooth feeling.

This wax is used on low temperatures. More comfertable for the skin and less painful, also because the wax only attaches to the hairs and not the skin. 

Body Men

Lower arms € 27,50
Lower and upperarms incl hands € 34,50
Lowerlegs € 34,50
Lower and upperlegs € 49,50
Lower back € 27,50
Entire back incl shoulders € 44,00
Shoulders €   11,95
Neck €   10,00
Entire neck front and back € 13,50
Armpits € 19,00
Butt including crack € 27,50
Butt € 24,95
Stomach € 24,00
Boyzilian Full, strip of triangle € 54,50

Gezicht heren

Shaping eyebrows € 17,00

Combi Deals Men

Full body wax (Boyzilian, back, butt, legs, arms, stomach, armpits, ears € 164,50
Full body wax excl Boyzilian €154,50

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Undermentioned is the article from the Men's health

Waxing for beginners
Testresults from the MH pube research show that 76 procent of the Men's Health readers shaves their pubes. Then 76 procent of you also know that after a few days you can start all over again. The solution? Waxing. No stubble hairs, no itch and no ingrown hairs.

What is it?
Waxing is removing unwanted hair with the hair follicle attached. The hairs will come back, but with a soft hair point which means that after waxing you will never have hard stubble hairs. You can wax your entire body (full body wax) of every wanted part of it, except for the head.

Brazilian style
A lot of men wax their chest, back or butt, but the most popular waxing treatment is the Brazilian: waxing the entire pubic area, both for men and women. '90 procent of our customers come for a Brazilian', thus Patrick More, owner of waxingsalon Delete Professionals in Waxing.

Hard vs soft
There are two kinds of wax: soft wax and hard wax. Though soft wax sounds more pleasant, for your pubic area you absolutely want the hard wax. Hard wax only attaches to the hairs, as where soft wax also attaches to the skin. Soft wax is fine for your back, chest and legs. 'On your back it doesn't mind if you feel a light burn, but you really don't want that on your pubic area', thus Moreu.

Erection problems
'For guys this ofcourse sets an extra bar',Moreu concludes. What if you get an erection? 'It just happens sometimes, and that is absolutely no problem. The Wax Angel can just continue the treatment'. As to pain concerns: the first time you might want to hold your breath but if you come more often then the pain reduces. Easier said than done but 'relaxing is the trick for the least discomfort'.

Aftercare: Do’s & don’ts
1. Three times a week scrubbing prevents ingrown hairs.
2. Use a peeling the day before.
3. Don't touch your fresh waxed skin, empty hair follicles are easy acces for bacteria.
4. After waxing, wear clothing that is loose on the skin.
5. Up until 24 hours after it, no swimming, bathing or sauna &tanning.
6. Use a cooling creme the first three days after it.
7. Don't shave in between waxing appointments. Shaving = staring over.

Well, at Elena For Beauty ofcourse!

MH-testman: The first time

When I tell friends I am going for a Brazilian Wax, they laugh at me and start showing me videos of where waxing goes wrong. Eventually the anxiousness is greater than the actual pain. The man at the counter notices I am nervous and eases me. Yes, I will feel it and it might hurt a little but it won't last long. The Wax Angel is an attractive young lady and I feel slighty awkward when she asks me to take everything off and clean it. But once I'm on the table all my nerves are gone. As soon as she spreads the hot wax on me, every awkward association is gone right away. Nothing exciting about hot wax. The Angel works very professionally. With a tweezer she removes almost surgical the last hairs that didn't go away with the wax. It feels similar to ripping a bandage: as soon as it is off, the pain is gone. The scrotum has to be real tightened, you can help if they want you to, because if it is not good tightened then skin can come along. And that hurts. Also that pain vanishes soon but still. Conclusion: It's not too bad. It is a bit sensitive but that is all. The Wax Angels work very professionally so no need to worry. The pain is minimum. Waxing isn't scary, just the videos your friends show you. So without any problem you can make your appointment, just don't tell your friends.

p.s. There is easy access to here also if you are coming from The Hague!



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