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Fruit Acid Peeling

Your skin is precious, but also a vulnerable organ. The skin gets exposed on a daily basis to different (external) factors that can damage both the inside and outside (like sun, wind, medicine use, unhealthy nutrition), which is why a healthy daily care is essential. 

The Anna Lotan AHA Peelings are peelings based on glyconic acid. Glyconic acid is the most effective fruit acid for cosmetic usuage and hassssss the ability to get deep into the skin. The upper, dead skinlayers will get peeled off ad there will appear a new soft and healthy skin. By stimulating the cel renewment, the skin will also get firmer.

How many treatments are in a course?
The Anna Lotan fruit acid AHA is given in a course which contains 4 to 6 treatments, with a 10-14 day interval. 

The fruit acid peels off the dead skin cells, which causes the horn layer to get thinner and more elastic. Meaning, less deeper wrinkles, less age spots and pigment spots. The skin will get smooth and fresh. Fruit-acids not only cause the horn layer to get thinner but also work anti-bacterial which makes them perfect for the impure skin. Using fruit-acids the size of horncells get normalized - especially after intensive sun radiation - which improves the moisture arrest in the skin.

The AHA peeling consists of glycocolic acid and still does the trick after months. The recovery of the skin only begins after stopping the course. Pay attention: when there are sunny periods this peeling can not be used due to chances of excessive exposure of sunlight.

Fruit acid peeling

fruit zuur peelingFruit acid treatment
To combat and reduce overpigmentation on face and body. The production of pigment will be normalized and also works bleaching on already existing pigment spots, which can mostly vanish.

Mini course Fruit Acid peeling

fruit zuur peelingMini courseFruit Acid Peeling 4x (in max 3 weeks)
Treatment of various skin problems (acne, pigment spots, scars) wrinkles and relaxed skin in a beneficial mini course.

fruit zuur peelingMini course Fruit Acid Peeling 6x (in max 4 weeks)
Treatment of various skin problems (acne, pigment spots, scars) wrinkles and relaxed skin in a beneficial mini course.





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