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Facial Treatments

Below you will find the most common facial treatments you can have at our salon. Is the treatment you want not on the list? Please contact us. I use Neoderma products and I am a Neoderma certified beautician.

Neoderma prodcuts have a perfect skin renewing result because of the effeciency of plants and herbs. Products for home usage support Neoderma treatments. I always advise the combination that are specically for your skin type and condition. This way you will get the ultimate solution for your skin problem. In short, a facial treatment that works!

For customers with Acne I give a combined treatment of Chinese Herbal peeling (bio peeling) and the Rebalancing Treatment. The results are phenomenal. For the youthful and up until 18 years I give 25% discount on these Acne Treatments. Besides, usually these treatments often get (mostly) reimbursed by your health insurance. For more information you can go here Informatie Acne behandeling

Basic treatments

Quick treatment
Scrub, deep cleansing, epilation and a mask for your skin type.

Relax Treatment
A quick treatment and enzymatic peeling, removes dead skin cells and gives a glowing skin. Moreover a relaxing facial massage of 10 minutes.

Super relax Treatment
A quick treatment, enzymatic peeling and treatment with serum. Also a relaxing facial massage of 15 minutes

Bio Peelings (Chinese Herbal peeling) treatments

BioPeelingTreatmentKlein Bio peeling
Based on a combination of algae, natural plant ingredients and essential oils. Treats different skin problems (acne, pigment spots, scars), wrinkles and relaxed skin.

BioPeelingLightKlein Bio peeling light 
For the sensitive skin with couperose and rosacea


NeoWhiteTreatmentKlein Neo White Treatment
To combat with and reduction of over pigmentation on face and body. The production of the pigment gets normalized and also has a bleaching effect on the pigment spots which may make them mostly dissapear.

RRebalancingTreatmentKleinebalancing Treatment
Specially for the oily and combined skin. Stabilizes the production of tallow and works purifying, deep cleansing and has a matte function.

ApalineSoothingTreatmentKlein Apaline Algae Modelling mask
Specially designed for the sensitive and couperose, rosacea skin. Reduces redness by improving the blood circulation and gives a calming and rejuvenating effect.

BioLiftingklein Bio-Lifting
For the exhausted and stressed skin. Works rejuvenating for the eyelids. At the same time it works moisturizing for the bags under the eyes.

HydrationPeelOffTreatmentKlein Hydration Peel off Alginate Treatment
An intensive hydrating treatment that leaves a soft and nourished skin. The exclusive formula prevents dehydration of the skin and minimalizes fine lines.

Combi Treatments Bio-Peeling

BioPeelingTreatmentKleinCombi Bio-Peeling & Bio- LIfting Treatment €110,00

BioPeelingTreatmentKleinNeoWhiteTreatmentKleinCombi Bio-Peeling & Neo- White Treatment €120,00

BioPeelingTreatmentKleinRebalancingTreatmentKleinCombi Bio-Peeling & Rebalancing Treatment €120,00

BioPeelingTreatmentKleinApalineSoothingTreatmentKleinCombi Bio-Peeling & Apaline Algae Mud Mask €115,00

BioPeelingTreatmentKleinHydrationPeelOffTreatmentKleinCombi Bio-Peeling & Hydrotion Peel Off Algae Mask €115,00

Minikuur Bio-Peeling

BioPeelingTreatmentKleinMini courseBio-Peeling 3x (in max 3 weeks)
Treatment of different skin problems (acne, pigment spots, scars) wrinkles and relaxed skin in a beneficial mini course.

BioLiftingkleinMini course Bio-Lifting   3x (1 time per 3 weeks)
For the exhausetd, stressed skin. Works rejuvenating for the eyelids. At the same time it works moisturizing for the bags under the eyes. Beneficial mini course.

Verven en Epileren

Dyeing of the eyelashes €15,00

Dyeing of the eyebrows €12,50

Dyeing of the eyebrows and eyelashes €25,00

Epilate the eyebrows €15,00