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Why Waxing?

Why waxing gives you a smooth and soft result for a longer amount of time is easy. With waxing the hair follicle gets removed which gives you a soft skin for 3-8 weeks, whilst with shaving you only remove the part on top so you will get your hair back in no-time. Shaving is out, waxing is in!

What is a brazilian wax?

A Brazilian Wax is kind of like a bikini wax. With a brazilian wax, the hair of the pubic area (outer and inner lips, butt crack, anus and butt) gets fully removed. A strip of hair (in a shape or triangle) can stay on, this is what you personally prefer ofcourse. The result is a smooth and soft pubic area, which you will never get with just shaving.

How often do I have to wax?

informatiewaxingkleinDependable of your hair growth it will take about 3-6 weeks before the first hairs will come back. The growth of your (pubic) hair is usually the minimum for the first two weeks. The hairs will grow significantly during the 3rd and 4th week. Hair usually grows faster during summer time. The time interval will get longer each time you will wax. The various hair growth stages are on the picture on which you can click.

Is waxing really painful?

Waxing isn’t completely painless, but it is not as bad as stories might tell you. The pain that may occur is just a flash of a second, whilst you can enjoy for weeks from the clean and sexy feeling your freshly waxed skin gives you. I use a special method where I put a little bit of waxing oil onto the skin so the wax will only attach to the hairs and not the skin. Saves you atleast half of the pain! If during our wax treatment you want a break, there is no need to be ashamed.

Do I have to prepare myself?

Before our wax appointment you can take a shower at home. Also try if possible to plan your brazilian waxing session after your period, you are less sensitive that way.

Is het je eerste keer?

Take a painkiller an hour in advance, it reduces the sensitivity.

What is our method?

Before we start our Brazilian Wax appointment in Voorburg, we ask you to undress yourself and come lay down. The waxing oil gets spread over the area that is gonna get waxed, this prevents the wax to stick to your skin. We use a waxing spatula to spread the wax over the area. (The waxing spatula only gets in the waxing heater once).

I use the best available wax in the scents Rose, Vanilla or Chocolate, I can’t make it more fun but I can make it nicer. We take some time to let the wax harden. Then we flip on a side to make a beginning to pull the wax off. The wax usually gets pulled of in oppopsite direction of the hair growth. With a tweezer we remove the last hairs.

The after treatment is a nice creme to reduce hair growth.

Also, we are easily accesable too from The Hague!