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Massages at Elena for Beauty Voorburg

Below you will find the most common massages you can get at our saon with Svetlana. Is the massage you want not on this list, please contact Svetlana.

Anti Cellulite massage. The anti-cellulite massage is a unique combination of a deep tissue massage of the stomach, butt, legs and the special aromatic oils to have the maximum effect. It isn’t a comfertable massage but it is very effective! This very intensive massage is not suitable to be execute with a device, at our salon the massage is all by hand!

Hotstone massage. With the combination of hot stones, the oil and the massage you will get even more relaxed.

Chocolate massage. Chocolate is not only tasty, it is also great for our skin. The benefits of a chocolate massage are: stress and tension will disappear, the massage is nourishing and hydrating and ideal for a dry, cellulite skin.

Honey massage. The health improving effect of a honey massage is all-round, because of the special massage technique, honey gets quickly absorbed by the skin and the bioactive components of the honey get quickly into the bloodstream.

Price List

Body Massages

Anti Cellulite Massage 60 minutes € 70,00
Course of 6 treatments Anti Cellulite Massage €360,00

This massage is a intensive massage on places where cellulite accumulates. Pay attention, this is a effective method but not a comfertable massage!

Relaxation massage 30 minutes  € 30,00
Relaxation massage 60 minutes € 60,00

A classic relaxing delightful massage

Hotstone Massage 60 minutes € 60,00
Hotstone Massage 90 minutes € 80,00

A massage using hot basalt stones in combination with etheric oils

Honey Massage 60 minutes € 60,00
Honey Massage 90 minutes € 80,00

A health improving massage with warm honey and etheric oils.

Chocolate Massage 60 minutes € 60,00
Chocolate Massage 90 minutes € 80,00

A delightful relaxing massage with warm chocolate that withal is nourishing and hydrating

Guasha 60 minutes (intensive muscle treatment with spatula and oil)
Cupping therapy 60 minutes

With these massage techniques the flow of energy will improve, so healing ca take place

Facial massages

Lymfedrainage facial massage 60 minutes € 60,00
Lymfedrainage facial massage with golden mask
€ 90,00

Exclusive and luxurious rejuvenating treatment that uses pure 24 carats gold. That makes up the recovered, anti-aging and dazzling effect. 

p.s. Also you can easily get here from The Hague