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Man waxing his chest hair


A higher rating of men depilate trough waxing. The waxed bodies of male models and athletes are being followed up. More and more often do men wax their back, chest, legs and also the Boyzilian (the male version of the Brazilian) is often requested.


Besides the comfertable, nourishing feeling of a smooth depilated body, the transpirationfluid has no change of drying so that your sweat will smell less.

Below your will find the waxing treatments available in my salon. Specifically about the Brazilian and Boyzilian there are a lot of question, so I made a page about the brazilian wax voorburg. Incase you still want to know more, you can always email or call. Also, read the article from Men’s Health about waxing all the way down!

Elena for Beauty uses a superb wax, this wax is super elastic and attaches easily to the short hair for a long and smooth result. The silky smooth wax includes nourishing and caring components for a more comfertable treatment and gives the skin a soft and silky touch.

This wax is used on low temperatures. Very comfertable for the skin! Not unimportant: in my salon the wax attaches to the hairs, not the skin! Way less painful!

Body Men

Lower arms € 25,50
Lower – upperarms incl hands € 32,50
Lower legs € 32,50
Lower – upperlegs € 47,50
Lower back € 25,50
Entire back incl shoulders € 42,00
Shoulders €   9,95
Neck €   8,00
Entire neck front-back € 11,50
Armpits € 17,00
Butt incl butt crack € 25,50
Butt € 22,95
Stomach € 22,00
Boyzilian Full, strip of triangle € 52,50

Face Men

Eyebrow shaping € 17,00

Combi Deals Men

Full body wax (Boyzilian, back butt, legs, arms, stomach, armpits, ears € 164,50
Full body wax excl Boyzilian €154,50

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Article below is from Men’s Health

Waxing for beginners
From the MH pubic hair investigation earlier this year it turned out that 76% of the Men’s Health readers shaves their pubic hair. Then it is also clear for the 76% that after a few days you can start all over again. The solution? Waxing. No stubble hairs